AAS Release “Aftermath” for String Studio VS-2 and AAS Player

Our friends at Applied Acoustics Systems announce a new sound bank for their acclaimed String Studio VS-2 and AAS player plug-ins.

Sound designer Daniel Stawczyk returns with “Aftermath”, a 150-preset collection for AAS’ string modeling synthesizer.

Harnessing String Studio VS-2 distinctive algorithms the bank revisits the familiar synthesizer categories — bass, chords and stabs, gated sounds, leads, pads, and plucks in a fresh, expressive, and unsettling sense. The set is then nicely tied up with 49 ultra payable special effect instruments that span hyperrealism, orchestral annihilation, and nerve-racking consequences.

Aftermath is available now for only $19 through January 16th, 2017 at the DontCrack Store.

AAS Aftermath Sound bank

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