Audified MixChecker on promo

Since its introduction MixChecker has been a great success. If you have ever wondered what your mixes sound like on the many different playback systems, this is the product you can trust to let you know exactly that.

Why does your music, your videos, showreels and movies not sound great when you move out of your studio? Why do they lose punch and clarity that your awesome studio monitors deliver? That is because you do not use the same equipment the real people use.

In the past, to ensure your mix sounds right on any device, you had to export your sound and listen in different conditions. Import your mix to your smartphone, burn on CD and listen in your car, get back to your studio, do little tweaks and export again.

Now you can use the MixChecker to perform quick round test that will only take a few seconds. And get back to mixing and corrections while you still know what the problem in your mix was.

The Audified MixChecker on promo at $99 (List $149) on the DontCrack Store.

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