Overloud releases GEM Comp76

Comp76 is the ultimate tool for professional engineers who mix with no compromises.

One of its main features is Parallel compression. Parallel compression is a powerful mixing technique which helps improve the overall impact of the track while leaving the transients intact. It is achieved by summing the compressor output to the original track: with Overloud Comp76 you do not need to create complex routing inside the DAW: just turn the Parallel knob!

There is also built-in Mid-Side Processing. You can separately compress the mono and stereo elements of the track, using different compression settings for each. This gives you complete control of the dynamics: you can squeeze the stereo aspect to tighten the room mics and get an in-your-face drum sound.

The Overloud GEM Comp76 is at the introductory price of $89 (List $139) on the DontCrack Store.

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