Nomad Factory’s Drum Tools on Promo at $49!

Nomad Factory has just announced that their innovative mixing plug-in Drum Tools is on promo at $49 instead of it’s usual $199!

If you want your mix to stand out, you need your Drums to sound great! Whether you want them to be punchy or subtle, clean sounding drums will make the difference on your over all mix. This is why Drum Tools is a must-have plug-in.

Drum Tools includes modeled transistor, tape and tube types processing to colour your Drums. With the Gate / Expander / Compressor, Convolution Reverb, High Pass / Low Pass Filters, Tuned EQs, you have the means to mix your Drums to perfection.

In addition, you can use the DLA2A NF compressor as heard in the successful Bus Driver plug-in to achieve a vintage compressor effect that will breath life into your Drums, make them punchy and have a solid character that will define your tracks.

And, you can push all of these controls to the limit as there is an Output stage ‘soft clipper’ that will ensure you never go over “0dB” and into digital distortion.

So make sure to act now and get Drum Tools while it’s still on promo!

Drum Tools is available until May 31th, at $49, at the DontCrack Store.

Nomad Factory Drum Tools

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