SoundRadix update SurferEQ 2

Our good friends at SoundRadix have updated their SurferEQ 2 plug-in to version 2.0.2. SurferEQ 2 is a ground-breaking pitch-tracking equalizer plug-in that tracks a monophonic instrument or vocal and moves the selected bands with the music.

What’s New in Version 2.0.2 :


  • New! Customizable MIDI pitch-band range.
  • Add Pro Tools (AAX) automation modifiers support.
  • Improved Pro Tools (AAX) Control Surface Support
  • Improved Harmonic Filter behavior.
  • Improved Multi-Channel/Surround support
  • Text-field snap improvements.
  • Minor bugfixes and optimizations.


  • Fixed VST performance denormalization issues.
  • Fixed MIDI Enabled might not work correctly on some cases.
  • Fixed MIDI might get stuck when returned from MIDI Mode to detection.
  • Fixed MIDI modes with GTE.
  • Fixed latency reporting when using MIDI.
  • Fixed spurious undo state on start.
  • Fixed undo for graphics bands.
  • Fixed crashes for VST3 for Adobe Audition & Premiere.
  • Fixed UI not showing under Wavelab Mac.
  • Fixed Digital Performer mutes audio when no side-chain.
  • Fixed Resizing Bug for Samplitude.

SurferEQ 2 is available now for only $179 at the DontCrack Store.

SoundRadix SurferEQ 2

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