Krotos Dehumaniser plug-ins available on DontCrack

Krotos Dehumaniser plug-ins are now available on the DontCrack store. Their powerful vocal processing tools are crafted to produce a wide range of vocal effects; from monsters to robots, and much more. Perfect for audio professionals, these versatile tools are a strong addition to any Film, TV or Video Game Post-Production pipeline. The flexibility of their plug-ins also makes them ideal for use in live environments, including theatre performances.

Krotos have established a reputation for creating spectacular voice effects in the AAA game industry, Hollywood studios and top-notch post-production companies around the world.

Dehumaniser is a unique sound design tool that produces studio quality monster and creature sounds in real time, negating the time, expense and effort that is traditionally required.

The Krotos Dehumaniser plug-ins are now available at the DontCrack Store.


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