Mastering The Mix – LEVELS v1.2 Update

Mastering The Mix have updated their LEVELS plug-in to version 1.2. Here’s the latest information on what’s new…


LEVELS will now be found in the plugin folder ‘MasteringTheMix’, rather than ’29Palms’ as it was before. For this reason you might choose to update once you’ve finished any current projects. We are doing this as we will be releasing many more plugins under the ‘Mastering The Mix’ brand.

  • Changes to ‘Streaming’ preset to adhere to Spotify’s new -14LUFS target loudness and -1dB true peak level.
  • Changes to ‘Youtube’ preset to adhere to the new -14LUFS target loudness and -1dB true peak level.
  • New MFiT (Mastered For iTunes) preset.
  • Updated graphics processing.
  • Updated to latest VST SDK.
  • Updated to latest Pro Tools AAX SDK.
  • Updates to authorisation to fix bugs when using removable network cards/USB Wifi.
  • Updates to improve playback detection in some mastering software.
  • Bug fixes for some versions of OpenGL 3.2 and above on Windows.

Mastering The Mix ‘LEVELS’ is available now, at the DontCrack Store.

Mastering The Mix - LEVELS

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