Audionamix SVC version 1.5 released with Promo Deal !

Audionamix are today proud to announce the release of SVC (Speech Volume Control) version 1.5, their incredible dialogue editing and recognition software that allows users to boost dialogue in production mixes and reduce background noise and artefacts. This update allows for file lengths “up to one hour” to be loaded and separated.

ADX Speech Volume Control (SVC) plug-in gives you full independent volume level control over both separated speech and separated background elements within a mono or stereo mix. Using this post-production dream tool, SVC allows users to separate and lower the level of background noise within troublesome production audio and/or easily boost dialogue levels without requiring access to original files or the full multi-track session.

ADX SVC is available on promo, only $174 (MSRP $249) until August 1st, at the DontCrack Store.

Audionamix SVC


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