AIR Music Tech Loom on Sale + FREE Expansion Pack !

Our great friends at AIR Music Technology have announced a blow out sale on their fantastic modular additive syntheszer, Loom.

And, what’s more with this great sale price is that you get an ” exclusive limited time offer “… “Tapestry” expansion pack, absolutely FREE!!

Weave your perfect sound with this new 64 pre-set pack from Finger Marks. This pack makes full use of Looms advanced features. All sounds are designed to make use of the morph XY pad in two ways; you can play it manually, or turn on automorph to make the sound morph along the preprogramed path.

Tapestry - AIR Loom Expansion Pack

AIR Music Tech Loom is available now. Only $39.99 through August 31 2017, at the DontCrack Store.

AIR Music Technology - Loom

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