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One way you can always recognise a great developer is they listen to their userbase and they are reactive. REFERENCE just came out a month ago and Mastering The Mix has already released a free update with features and corrections that have been asked for by their clients.

Mastering The Mix has been bringing very innovative and useful products to the plug-in market. That would be enough to establish them as being worthy of attention, but they don’t stop there, they correct any bugs and add features to their products very quickly. Any one who has purchased is very pleased to see their investment get better in a very short period of time.


Everyone uses reference mixes to judge how their mixes and mastering efforts stack up against the best examples they have available. But as we all know there are problems of matching to already mastered work, setting up loops to flip back and forth to check different sections, aligning the sync of parts of different version of alternative mixes and so on.

That is all a thing of the past once you have REFERENCE up and running. Mastering the Mix has basically thought of everything that was problematic and found solutions for almost every scenario you can think of. It is a hyper-useful tool that will make complex referencing child’s play instead of a burden.

Reference Version 1.02 Changes:

  • Significant CPU utilisation improvements.
  • Level Match volume jump and audio drop out fixed.
  • Fixed crashes / freezes for some Windows desktop users.
  • Individual gain setting for each reference track that is saveable in a project and recallable in a preset.
  • Add Track Alignment, Level Match and Mode (free/mirror) data to saved file.
  • Mirror and Free mode can now be selected independently for each track.
  • ‘Free’ mode now default rather than ‘Mirror’.
  • Add Trinity Display dB scale setting to saved file.
  • Trinity Display dB scale flashes to show increase or decrease in automatic mode.
  • Start/stop in loop starts playback from beginning of loop when DAW is in loop mode.
  • When you copy REFERENCE to a new track, it should keep it’s current settings rather than reseting to default.

Registered users can get their FREE Reference Version 1.02 download HERE

Reference is sold here at the DontCrack Store.

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