PSP Audioware release PSP Nexcellence

PSP Nexcellence is a rich-sounding, spring emulation inspired by and modeled after “Necklace-type” reverb units. It provides two different spring set processors and can use one or both of its processing engines simultaneously.


  • Feed switch can be used to toggle signal to the reverb unit
  • Input Limit knob – lowers the input limiter threshold
  • Input Width knob – sets the stereo panorama width of the input signal
  • The Input Width parameter also adjusts the gain of the SIDE signal in MID/SIDE processing at the input of the reverb simulation
  • Delay knob – sets the pre-delay time (from 0 to 250 milliseconds), controlling the initial delay of the signal at the input of the reverb simulation
  • Spring Set Selector – lets you choose between three modes of the internal spring configuration
  • Color knob – allows you to set the brightness (color) of the reverb effect
  • Decay Time knob – sets the decay time of the reverb simulation
  • Density switch – allows you to select the simulation model used for the processing. Sparse is the least CPU-intensive model, Shiny is the most CPU-intensive, high quality model, and Dense is a compromise between Sparse and Shiny


Until the 31st of August 2017 you can buy PSP Nexcellence at the special introductory price of $99

Until the 10th of September 2017 you can buy PSP Nexcellence at the special introductory price of $129

Starting from the 11th September 2017 the regular price of $149* will be applied.

The new fully featured 30 day demo version is available on their download page.

In order to run a plug-in in 30 day demo mode or activate the plug-in, you need an iLok user ID which you can create for free at, and you need to install the free iLok License Manager application. A hardware USB iLok dongle is NOT required, however it is optional.

PSP Nexcellence is available on promo at the DontCrack Store.

PSP Nexcellence

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