Arturia’s V Collection 5 Promo, 50% off !

Arturia’s V Collection 5 is currently available at 50% off, only until current stock lasts!

The V Collection 5, the most complete bundle of classic keyboard recreations, gives you as many ways to express your creativity as there are directions to take when travelling across space. Whichever instrument you launch in your project will accompany you to the soundscapes you have dreamt of.

Seventeen authentic recreations of the legendary synths, organs, electric pianos and more that made music history—enhanced to help you make tomorrow’s music.


Matrix-12 V SEM V Mini V ARP 2600 V Jup-8 V CS-80 V Modular V

Imbued with a characteristic warmth that no supernova could compare to, the analog synthesizers of V Collection 5 let you construct a blazing, sonic celestial body; striking, brilliant, and inspiring.

Each component that makes up these fundamental pieces of music history have been studied in depth and brought back to life in the digital dimension thanks to Arturia’s TAE® technology, letting you enjoy every aspect of their sound in perfect detail. Each instrument has also been enhanced with extra features that would have never been possible with the original instruments.


Prophet V Synclavier V

The unrelenting sound of the future, the digital powerhouses contained within Arturia’s V Collection were as revolutionary in their time as a light speed drive would be today.

Each instrument featuring a control panel that rivals any shuttle launch control panel, Arturia gives you the talent and skills of some of the finest sound designers in the world to help you navigate your way around these vast, infinitely powerful instruments to help you find that perfect, other-worldly tone.


B-3 V Farfisa V Solina V VOX Cont. V

Effortlessly navigating through our emotions like a star cruiser through an asteroid field, the organs and string machines of V Collection are the pinnacle of retro sound.

Whether you crave the thick hum of the Wurlitzer, the longing cry of the Solina string machine, or the deep resonance of a luscious grand piano, V Collection gives you all the tools you need to score out a cosmic symphony of emotions using only the finest instruments ever crafted.


Stage-73 V Wurli V Piano V

Some praise the elegance of our universe, marveled at how perfectly organized it is, but this elegance can also be found in some mankind’s inventions where everything seems to align perfectly.

he physically modeled acoustic and electric pianos of V Collection 5 brings you an invaluable sense of delicacy, refinement and grace while being as light in your setup as a feather in zero-gravity. They also let you take control of parameters that would require hours of handling in reality in just one easy click.


When there is so much to discover, having at your disposal a starship capable of navigating your sound constellation at the speed of light becomes highly profitable. Analog Lab 2 contains the engines and the presets of all our other virtual instruments in one single piece of software. Its convenient interface and ultra-effective preset browser will make your creative trip as comfortable as an interstellar pleasure cruise.

Containing over 5,000 incredible sounds from across the entire V Collection, you’ll never be short of inspiration when you’re creating wild cosmic soundscapes and scoring out epic interstellar adventures. Use the tag-based preset management to narrow down your choice, select a legendary sound, and start creating. It’s that easy.

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Arturia V Collection 5

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