MixVibes updates Remixlive to v3.2 and Cross DJ Free to v3.3

Our good friends at MixVibes have released updates for its iOS apps Remixlive and Cross DJ Free.

Remixlive 3.2 adds iOS 11′s new Drag and Drop feature, letting you exchange files with compatible apps quicker than ever. Drag and Drop provides a simple way to move samples, recordings and packs between Files —the counterpart to the MacOS Finder— and Remixlive.

Sounds stored locally or in the cloud can hence be dragged directly onto the grid. It is also possible to move sounds from Cross DJ to Remixlive: create a loop in Cross DJ 3.3, drag it in Remixlive and let the beat drop.

MixVibes products are available here at the DontCrack Store.


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