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“GRM’s Evolution is both rather wonderful and unlike any other effect I’ve tried. Feed a drum loop into it, for example, and you can generate ethereal, icy clouds of noise that are like waves crashing on beaches in the land of dreams. Apply it to voices and instruments and you’re in the twilight world where weird, treated reverbs morph into synth pads and textures.”

Sam Inglis – SOS magazine review of INA-GRM Tools

GRM Tools does things to audio that almost can’t be described. As you can see from the quote above, journalists have a hard time finding the right words to explain what GRM Tools has just done to the sound reaching their ears. That is the main reason they are the most used plug-ins for sound design and movie sound tracks in the world, they easily provide unusual sound effects that words have difficulty defining.

Unlike other plug-ins, even recent releases dedicated to ‘Sound Design’, GRM Tools is in another universe which is all its own. Some of the older plug-ins have been around for 20 years but today somewhere on the planet someone is making a totally fresh and unique sound with it.

It is no wonder that Film sound effect editors and experimental musicians are extremely loyal users, nothing else does the same thing. You have undoubtably heard the results of GRM Tools in Block-buster films such as the latest MAD MAX. If you find yourself asking ‘I wonder how they did that’ the answer is most likely….GRM Tools.

Their user interface is simple, extendable and allows you to do what GRM Tools are all about – real time manipulation of sound in very powerful and simple ways. If you are looking for some inspiration that borders on ‘wild’ or ‘unearthly’, it is recommended that you demo them to explore this parallel sonic universe.

It is guaranteed that you will hear some very interesting variations on your usual sounds and if that is attractive to you there is a promo going on right now that will make your decision very easy on getting them to add to your plug-in collection. They should not missing from anyone’s must-have audio software.

GRM Tools Evolution Demo

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GRM Promo

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