Thorn, The New Synth from Dmitry Sches

Dmitry Sches has an established reputation as a highly respected developer of great software products, virtual instruments, especially synthesizers. And today, he announces the release of Thorn, an exquisite yet straightforward synthesizer with additional advanced sonic control in mind for the most meticulous producers.

Thorn is Dmitry’s latest product. It was designed to be easy to use and deliver awesome sounds. Thorn provides the means to have very advanced control over the resulting sounds. With its intuitive workflow, high quality processing modules and low demand on the CPU, Thorn is ready to be put at the heart of your mix, in any genre of modern electronic music production.

Sound sources organized as spectrum tables of 16 frames with ability to edit and morph harmonics. The spectral synthesis gives ability to “post-process” all the generated harmonics with a special filter to ‘colorize’ the output.

Thorn offers 3 oscillators that utilize spectral synthesis method. This gives you total control over all harmonics involved into the generation process of your sound. The oscillator provides sets of spectral and real-time effects to shape harmonics further. Of course FM, RM, PWM, Hard Sync are implemented as well.

Features :

  • 3 Spectral synthesis oscillators
  • FM, RM, PWN, Hard Sync
  • 16 frame spectrum tables
  • Multi-mode analog filters
  • 16 step arpeggiator
  • Glitch sequencer
  • And more…

Thorn is now available at a special introductory price of $69 ($119 List) at the DontCrack Store.

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