MeldaProduction update MDrummer to v7.03

MeldaProduction has updated MDrummer to version 7.03, providing several new features, optimizations, improvements and fixes. The update is free as always and can be downloaded directly from MeldaProduction website.

View the changes and fixes below…

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Changes :

  • Added Install library and Create library features to global Menu, which can be used by designers of any content to send/sell it to end users.
  • Added Output gain to all drums.
  • Various optimizations and performance enhancements.
  • Rendering can now also be parallelized to get maximum out of your CPU. Parallelization can be enabled in Settings.
  • Horizontal bar graph units are now aligned to the right for better clarity.
  • Changing one graph point’s smoothing / curvature now applies that to all points in the selection.
  • LP slope selector in MDynamicEq has been moved to the right for easier workflow.
  • Buttons are now slightly colorized too.
  • Added Widening to all microphones in MMultiSampler.
  • Added Disable decay switch to MConvolution’s generated reverb.
  • Added Offline subscription update feature, which lets you update the subscription status in the plugins even for computers disconnected from the internet.
  • Added Sunrise chamber active preset to MTurboReverb.
  • MDrummer now stores the editor size with the project.
  • Added Auto-gain feature to Drumset editor including individual drums.
  • Analyzer settings now let you specify colors for both the left/right or input/output combinations. The defaults have also been updated for better workflow with various styles.

Fixes :

  • Fix: MTurboReverb could crash on OS X when crosslp algorithm was used.
  • Fix: Cancelling Custom shape edit in any oscillator would revert to the initial state when opening the plugin instead of the previous state.
  • Fix: Updating subscription licence while not connected disabled the subscription even if there was still time.
  • Fix: Scrollbars could do page up/down on both mouse press and release.
  • Fix: Using Save as in Drumset editor didn’t update the current drumset name.
  • Fix: Song structure editor was displaying positions even for empty rhythms.
  • Fix: Freeze in MDelay could malfunction if both taps have been used.
  • Fix: Changing an active preset in an effect that features those after moving that effect would switch to a different effect in the pipeline.
  • Fix: Improved support for Akai VIP when presets in VIP are being changed.

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