Acousticsamples release Strategy

Our good friends at Acousticsamples have released the Strategy, a new product; based on a Fender© Stratocaster© electric guitar. This guitar has been used by countless musicians for over 60 years and is still one of the most sought after guitar instruments. And more!

It features 3 single coil pickups (bridge, middle and neck) that give it a very unique and tweakable tone. We were able to sample all three pickups separately and give access not only to the 5 positions available on the real instrument, but you can also control each volume separately and even mix the 3.

It comes with a set of 10 very realistic effects and 8 different amps modelled after most of the best guitar amps on which you can choose exactly how you set the microphones, providing you with all the necessary tools to shape its sound exactly like you want.

It features our powerful strum engine, pattern maker and song builder available in our other guitar libraries like the Sunbird or the GD-6, making the Strategy library the perfect tool to create accompaniments or solos.

Strategy is available for $149 at the Dontcrack Store.

Video :

Sounds :

Strategy is available for $149 at the Dontcrack Store.


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