Flux:: Dynamics Plug-ins Finally on Promo!

It is very unusual that our friends at Flux:: have promo’s running on their high end products. So, when there are Five of their “State of the Art” Dynamics Plug-ins on sale at over 60% off, it is really worth looking into.

Their Dynamics Plug-ins offers everything you would expect from high-end studio quality compressors and expanders, ranging from clean transparent subtle processing to classic heavy pumping. They can clean up spillage on (live) recordings, remove noise, reverberation and leakage from drum sessions with a precision that has made Flux:: products the first choice of Mixing and Mastering engineers everywhere.

The Flux:: Dynamics plug-ins are available on the DontCrack Store, from the links below…


Pure Compressor V3

(MSRP $149)
Pure DCompressor V3

(MSRP $149)
Pure Expander V3

(MSRP $149)
Pure DExpander V3

(MSRP $149)
Solera V3

(MSRP $299)


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