PSP MasterComp on Promo at a crazy price – $29!

The PSP MasterComp is used by the leading sound engineers for their most demanding projects. Its extremely transparent compression and low distortion makes it a favourite for use on the Master bus or for Mastering sessions. It lists for $249 but from today until Monday when it returns to its normal price, you can get it for ONLY $29!

PSP MasterComp is the high fidelity stereo dynamics processor. Its double-precision 64-bit floating point and double-sampled FAT – Frequency Authentication Technique processing offers transparency even at extreme compression settings and high sample rates.

PSP MasterComp installer includes two version of the plug-in:

PSP MasterComp – designed for mastering compression and expansion.

PSP MicroComp – designed for using on buses and track processing during mixing.

The PSP MasterComp is available for only $29, at the DontCrack Store.

Feature highlights

  • Extremely transparent compression thanks to double precision 64-bit floating point and double-sampled FAT mode algorithms
  • Low distortion thanks to MasterComp’s precise level detector, which includes an optional automatic attack and release time adjustment
  • Wide range of controls
  • Over-threshold compression and expansion
  • Advanced side chain filtering, channel linking and compression tilting capabilities
  • Mix control allows you to blend processed and clean signal
  • MasterComp includes a high quality brick wall output limiter with automatic release time
  • Advanced PPM/VU meters with textual readings and adjustable parameters


  • Controlling or revitalizing the dynamics of a final mix during Mastering.
  • Controlling or revitalizing dynamics of a signal of main tracks, groups and entire mix during mixing.

What do Masters of mastering think about PSP MasterComp?

  • I haven’t played with the PSP MasterComp long enough for more than a first impression but it really had me smiling about several very “hi-fi” sounding hip-hop tracks I was mastering today. It helped without stepping on the truly wonderful sound of my client’s mixes. Thinking about it, I can’t imagine a better first impression! – Bob Olhsson, Audio Mastery, Nashville TN, US (Monitoring: Duntech Sovereigns driven by a pair of Hafler 9505 amps)
  • PSP Master Compressor will deliver sonic results that won’t compromise musicality and will retain transparency during signal processing. This is a rare occasion in the digital world. I applaud the PSP team in their efforts to deliver a signal processor of this caliber – Sakis Anastopoulos, DigiSound Mastering, Forest Hill, VIC, Australia (Monitoring: NotePerfect Maestro)
  • In a trial on an energetic blues vocal and piano track, the Master Comp did as well controlling peaks as one of my better analog compressors. The sound was smooth and clear – Alan Silverman, Arf! Digital, New York NY, US

PSP MasterComp

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