Nomad Factory Garbage LSD Promo

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The Award-Winning Garbage LSD from Nomad Factory is on promo. Here is your chance to transform your sounds to highly widely original ones to spice up your sounds.

Garbage LSD, developed by Dmitry Sches won the prestigious “Best Alternative Effect Plug-in” last year, beating out some very well known effects from other manufacturers. It is currently on promotion at the crazy price of $49 (LIST $179) but only until the 9th of April, so hurry if you want to get it at a ‘no-brainer’ price.

The team at Technofile wrote this very positive review explaining why Garbage LSD won their award:

“When it comes to creating really messed up sounds, the aptly named Garbage LSD takes some beating…and dishes one out too. Although to some extent it crosses over into iZotope Trash 2′s sonic territory, it is not intended as a distortion plug-in per se and offers facilities not found in Trash such as a ring modulator and a dual modulation matrix. There are also 6 filter types, 3 distortion modes, convolution reverb, transistor radio style EQ, compression, bit depth and sample rate reduction, a noise source, dual LFOs and excellent presets. By the way, in case you’re wondering, apparently LSD stands for Lethal Sound Designer, though we think that if you use Garbage Factory to its extremes, you might think that LSD stands for something else. We had great fun playing with LSD and we’re sure you will too, as long as you use it in sensible dosages.”

Garbage LSD is now available for the promo price of $49 (LIST $179) at the DontCrack Store.

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