Patch Hut release Vocaled Voices for Presence XT

Patch Hut - Vocaled Voices

Patch Hut release Vocaled Voices for Presonus’ Presence XT Sampler

Vocaled Voices is available for ONLY $19.50, here at the DontCrack Store

Vocaled Voices is a library to die for. It contains a set of 31 unique vocal patches for Studio One’s Presence XT. Check out the audio demo’s for Vocaled Voices below…

Vocals that have been sculptured into some great sounding instruments, ooh’s and aah’s for chord choir effects, there are spoken words, vocal generated instruments, vocal riffs with rhythm, a superb collection to enhance your Presence XT sampler.

There are vocal fx generated into unique instruments and spoken words spread over several octaves. Some of the vocals are accompanied with a drum beat just to give that extra vibe.

Patch Hut are sound designers; creating sound libraries for VSTi soft synths, including Omnisphere, Loom, Hybrid 3, Vacuum Pro, Presonus Presence and Mai Tai, and many more. Their aim is to inspire the soft synth musician with their very unique sound libraries.

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