Beatskillz Release Synthwave Drums


BeatSkillz release SYNTHWAVE Drums, a resurgence of the 80s drum sound in the 2010s. Available now for only $49 (List $79) at the DontCrack Store.

BeatSkillz SYNTHWAVE Drums, available now at the intro price of $49 at the DontCrack Store

Synth wave Drums not only brings you all the popular drum machine sounds, but also brings dry and processed versions that sound exactly like the records you’ve heard. This helps in solving the processing mystery behind these hit sounds. Often when you buy emulations or samples of just the drum machines, the sounds are too raw and sound nothing like the sounds of the genre.

The 80s defined the era of Synthesizers and Drum Machines. This is the time when great musicians suddenly had electronic instruments at their disposal, and a new genre of music evolved. Certain drum machines defined and made the 80′s sound instantly recognizable. These drum sounds came from early samplers and analog synthesis. Romplers/ Samplers were 8 and 12 bit and made any sample put into them sound “unique”and it did not sound like the original recording. Lower sample rates of 10-22khz and early D/A converters also played an important role in defining the Drum Machine Sound!

Beatskillz has done the hard work for you and given you over 100 preset banks of 12 sounds per preset. That ís over 1200 drum sounds!

They didn’t just stop there, our plugin GUI has been designed to inspire you and put you in the mood for “synth wave”.

Features :

  • CONTROLS include 12 drum pads
  • 12 drum samples per kit are mapped from keys C1 to B2
  • The 64 Kits have “drum-type” mapping on each of the 12 keys, so these kits can be swapped and kick, snare, hats etc will be on the same keys
  • GLOBAL EFFECTS include Pitch, Reverb and Volume
  • PAD CONTROLS for Volume, Pan and Release
  • Separate installers for the Stereo Mix output of the drum kits and also individual multi out versions of the plugin
  • Multi-out version lets you put each of the 12 sounds in a kit/bank onto its own channel in your DAW

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