Tone Empire Independence Sales

Tone Empire Independence Sales

Tone Empire have also announced a great 30% off sale from today’s July 4th (US Independence Day) celebration until July 14th, 2018. Check out the Tone Empire Goliath product below. This sale excludes their new Loc-Ness product which itself is currently on introductory sale until July 10th.

Tone Empire’s Goliath, available at 30% off here at the DontCrack Store

About Tone Empire

Wanting to make a dedicated brand for high end signal processors in the software world, so started Tone Empire.

The simple and clear goal of this brand is to provide “Hardware Quality” processors at unbelievable prices, so that everyone at a budget can afford world class, cutting edge technology with beautiful interfaces to make their work sonically amazing & truly inspiring! Taking the best characteristics of modern and vintage outboard that in studios, and going further to push the sonic boundaries, Tone Empire create truly unique and amazing sounding plug-ins at affordable prices.

Tone Empire know that all the tech in the world is not enough to create a great sounding plug-in. It takes creativity, good ears, great coding, exceptional GUI design and super support for customers that can truly make a brand and products loved by its customers. Tone Empire bring you all these qualities.


Transformer, Tube & Tape Saturation with Envelope Follower & Analog Modeled EQ.

Analog Behavior

The signal path of analog audio running through solid state , tube and tape gear yields what we call a “Dimensional Analog Sound”. Besides the saturation that occurs in the analog world, the sounds also get naturally “compressed” and bumped or reduced in certain frequencies. Hence in order to accurately model analog outboard , we modeled and provide on this plugin , the ability to choose type of saturation, an envelope shaper and an analog modelled equalizer. This makes Goliath a true “Analog Mojo Box”.

Tone Colors

Choose from Solid State (Silver), Tube (Gold) & Tape (Titanium) saturation with the Tone selector. Silver brings a clean style saturation, with Gold you get more grit and edge, and Titanium brings the tape harmonics and punchy saturation to your audio. You can go from very subtle sounding to edgy. Increase apparent loudness without raising peak levels, and make your sounds cut through in a mix, or add a nice warm glow. These 3 very distinct flavors give you plenty of tone control additionally with the “Input/Drive” control and the “Roof” control. Easy to dial in the sweet spot and details you want.

Envelope + EQ

The Envelope and EQ become the final but invaluable piece of tone shaping tools . Looking for aggressive drums with punchy sustained sound? or hard edged “attacky” vocals. This section lets you mould the sound shape you desire using the “Motion” control going from “splat” to “sharp”. Thin out pianos , strings & guitars with presence and air, or thicken up synths, bass guitar , kick drums etc. Detailed tweaking allowed on this one to dial in the sweet spots. Blend in this processing with your dry sounds using the wet/dry mix control.

Features :

  • Tube, Tape, Transformer Saturation
  • EQ
  • Dynamics

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