BeatSkillz’ Valvesque Distortion EQ is on Sale !

BeatSkillz - Valvesque

From today until September 30th, you can purchase BeatSkillz Valvesque at the discount price of only $25! That’s an incredible saving on the $149 list price, here at the DontCrack Store.

BeatSkillz Valvesque, on promo here at the DontCrack Store

Valvesque is a Stereo Valve (Tube) Distortion EQ. The plug-in models the sound of British Valve Distortion found on major hit records of today, and also features a Varislope Equalizer for an always musically pleasing sound. It has been designed with proprietary “Reactive Transients Technology” (RTT).

Features :

  • Two distinct Distortion Types : A (Triode) & B (Pentode)
  • Six modes for each distortion type
  • Valve circuit drive (increased distortion controlled by the Input Gain)
  • Stereo link
  • Varislope EQ
  • Pre/ Post- Distortion Eq Mode
  • “Smooth” Mode (tube emulation and less harsh peaks)
  • Wet/Dry mix control for parallel processing

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