Kilohearts Bitcrush and Comb Filter Promo


Kilohearts are running a 50% off promo on both Bitcrush and Comb Filter until September 23rd, as part of their Artist Pick promotions. Each plug-in only $9!

This pick is from Orge (Robin Ogden), a composer for games and visual media, self confessed tape loop splicer, spring reverb tickler, and harbinger of imagined soundtracks for films that don’t exist.

Kilohearts Bitcrush and Comb Filter on promo, here at the DontCrack Store

“I really, really love the snapin system. It’s such a fresh tool, and the interface for each snapin component is so wonderfully minimalist. It’s simple to create complex audio ecologies which interact with each other and inspire and alter material in new and exciting ways.

Often though I find myself reaching for snapins on their own. Comb Filter is irreplaceable, and has become my go-to for all comb-filtering plugins and duties. Stereo has an instant widening effect that I’ve not found elsewhere. I’m not sure what mojo is going on under the hood, but it can enhance the natural width or dramatically widen any stereo material. It’s my staple for stereo imaging and audio field placement. I use it on pads, drones and atmospheres all the time.

I’m completely turned on to Bitcrush currently for all things digital cronch. I’ve been in pursuit of a plugin flexible enough to impart a variety of ‘dawn of digial sampling’ flavours in my workflow for a long while. Bitcrush has saved me so much time, as I’m no longer recording things in and out of temperamental old samplers. It’s awesome to have so much control over each step of the virtual AD/DA pathway. It’s a really fantastic plugin!”


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