Nugen Audio announces Loudness Toolkit bundle on promo


You can save $100 off on the NUGEN Audio’s newly released Loudness Toolkit 2.8 until the 28th of November 2018. The Loudness Toolkit 1 to Loudness Toolkit 2 upgrade is on sale for 50% off as well.

Get Nugen Audio’s Loudness Toolkit bundle for ONLY $799

Get Nugen Audio’s Loudness Toolkit 1 to Loudness Toolkit 2 upgrade for ONLY $199

About Loudness Toolkit 2.8 :

The updated Loudness Toolkit contains enhanced measurement and display options for Netflix delivery, using both Dialogue and ITU integrated measures simultaneously, and an updated alerts system. These additions make Loudness Toolkit the only choice for achieving loudness guidelines as detailed in Netflix’s best practice document.


The new version also includes updates to the TASA and SAWA alternatives for Leq(m). With the retirement of the Dolby Media Meter, VisLM is now the only suggested Leq(m) plug-in for film trailer measurement to the TASA standard.


Increased channel count allows measurement and correction of 7.1.2 tracks, busses and Dolby Atmos renders.

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