Sound Radix Auto-Align Post 1.1 Update – Coming Soon (Q4 2018)

Sound Radix Auto-Align Post

Released in August 2018, Auto-Align Post is a plug-in designed to automatically correct phase issues when mixing a recording of multiple moving microphones, such as in the case of a shot set-up using a boom microphone in addition to actor’s lavalier microphone.

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Drawing on requests from post-production professionals, Sound Radix has announced upcoming new features for version 1.1. The expected release is Q4 2018, and it will be a free update for existing owners of Auto-Align Post.

Originally created as an AAX AudioSuite plug-in for Pro Tools users, the new 1.1 release delivers on two of the most requested features to date. Nir Averbuch speaking on behalf of Sound Radix said:

“VST support and collapsible window were the two most popular requests, and with this update, we’re happy to offer the solution, so far enjoyed only by Pro Tools users, to a wider audience.”

Auto-Align Post 1.1 Features and Updates

  • VST3-ARA2 and AU-ARA2 support
  • The ability to collapse the GUI to a small size only having the essential controls
  • Sound transparency is further improved
  • Minor graphics and bug fixes and optimizations.

What Auto-Align Post Users Say

“Auto-Align Post just works!”

Justin W. Walker, MPSE, Dialogue/ADR Editor & Supervisor
The Dub Stage, Los Angeles

“Auto-Align Post saves days of work”

Ian Stynes, Sound Supervisor, Mixer and Sound Designer
Great City Post, New York

Auto-Align Post Features

  • Can correct for distances of up to ~112 feet / ~34 meters or a delay of ±100ms
  • Dynamic mode enables continuous phase/time correction for moving actors or cameras
  • Static mode enables fixed phase/time correction for stationary microphones
  • Transparent, filter-free design
  • Multi-channel support
  • Significant algorithm optimization for CPU efficiency and operation speed
  • Easy to operate – no manual settings required

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