Toontrack Announce more Black Friday Deals


Toontrack have started their latest Black Friday promos where you can save up to 73% on EZMix 2, EZMix Packs and The Metal Foundry SDX.

Get EZMix 2 for only $39

Get The Metal Foundry SDX for only $49

Get the Colin Richardson EZmix Pack for only $19

Get the Lead Vocals 2 EZmix Pack for only $19

Get the Lo-Fi EZmix Pack for only $19

Get the Big Rock Guitars EZmix Pack for only $19

About EZmix 2, Metal Foundry SDX and EZmix 2 Packs from Toontracks:

Following the success of Toontrack’s EZmix, the new and completely overhauled EZmix 2 continues to build on the same fundamental idea: having pro-designed effect chains for instruments and channels found in every recording session combined in one powerful mixing tool. With the vast collection of ready-made presets, mixing music is not only easy and incredibly fast you end up with results second to none.

The Metal Foundry SDX is an all-new recording with Meshuggah drummer Tomas Haake, featuring seven massive drum kits, spanning 300,000 sound files of raw, single hit drum recordings in the vein of Drumkit From Hell and dfh Superior, covering Hard Rock to Metal, from the early Blues tinged sound of the late 60s to the fragmentation of today’s music, from Power through Thrash, Death and Progressive Metal.

EZmix 2 Packs are your ultimate amp, mastering suite and mix tool, all rolled up in one. Start assembling you dream team today.

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