Touch Loops announce 3 new Sample Packs !


Touch Loops have released 3 new inspiring sample packs. Detroit Techno, Jazz Flutes, and Vintage Drum Breaks are available right now at the DontCrack Store!

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Vintage Drum Breaks

Touch Loops - Vintage Drum Breaks

Harnessing the incredible talents of session musician Timmy Rickard, his incredible performance, analogue heavy recording chain and stunning attention to detail. Touch Loops create one of the most authentic live drum sample packs available today. This is the perfect opportunity to add the feel and swing of live Hip-Hop drums to your next composition.

Buy Now: $29.99

Detroit Techno

Touch Loops - Detroit Techno

Detroit Techno pays homage to the techno greats of Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson & Derrick May. Forging what we now know as the modern techno sound, these pioneers brought the sound of the 909 to the forefront of production, meaning there’s no better producers to gain inspiration from for this epic techno sample collection.

Buy Now: $29.99

Jazz Flutes

Touch Loops - Jazz Flutes

Jazz Flutes is the finest collection of jazz flute samples and guarantees to offer endless levels of inspiration each and every time. Performed, recorded and produced by the outrageously talented session musician Renato Bianucci, each loop captures the true essence of jazz and is just asking to breath fresh life into your compositions, irrelevant of genre and style.

Buy Now: $27.99

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