AAS release String Theory for String Studio VS-3

String Theorie banner + price

Applied Acoustics Systems release String Theory, a new sound library for String Studio VS-3 and the free AAS Player. Available today and on promo until January 21st alongside other products, you may purchase this new product for only $19 (50% off list).

AAS String Theory, available now at the DontCrack Store

String Theory is now also available in the “Libraries” collection and “The Integral” products.

December / January Promos

Through January 21st, pick up any of the AAS products on promo at 50% off : -

About String Theory

With String Theory, Adam Pietruszko takes meticulous advantage of String Studio VS-3′s two-voice multitimbrality and MIDI-controlled sound variations features to deliver rich, complex, and refined sounds.

From strings to a wide selection of basses, leads, plucks, pads, and keys, with tonal qualities ranging from acoustic, through electric, up to far-out synthetic, String Theory forms a sweeping collection that will tackle any musical genres with ease. And with presets notes, Adam Pietruszko shares a tremendous amount of insight about synthesis as well as expert information to take full advantage of String Studio VS-3’s capabilities.

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