Plug & Mix Cool-vibe on promo during ‘Guitar Month’


Cool-vibe from Plug & Mix is is a favorite of guitar and keyboard players looking to add some very special ‘vocal’ character to their performances. Let your instrument track ‘sing’ with this very special plug-in.

Get Cool-vibe Here !
for Only $19 (List $49)

About Cool-vibe :

Based on the Uni-Vibe used by Jimmy Hendrix. This is an effect that help you add a whole new character to your usual sound.

Select from sync-able speed and vibe mode and enter a whole new world of tone. Use the Selector Buttons to choose from 3 unique Vibe Modes: Sweet, Mellow and Deep. Increase the strength and stereo image of the effect by turning the Intensity and Width knobs.

P&M Cool-vibe Controls:

  • Speed – Changes the speed of the Cool-Vibe effect.
  • Intensity – Changes the intensity of the effect.
  • Sync – Synchronizes the speed (rate) of the Cool-Vibe to your host BPM.
  • Width – Increases the stereo width of the cool bar effect.
  • Selector buttons – Choose between Sweet, Mellow and Deep Vibe Modes.
  • In – Controls the input level of the plug-in.
  • Out – Controls the output level of the plug-in.

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