Plug & Mix British Tone on 60% off promo during’Guitar Month’


The legendary guitar tones produced by Marshall amplifiers can be yours for a knock-down price of only $19 right now during Guitar Month.

Get British Tone for 60% off

About British Tone :

The P&M British Tone is an extremely versatile guitar amp plug-in that can deliver anything from sweet sound, warm overdrives to edgy overtone-rich distortions. It features detailed sounding nuances, as well as one of the most musical British amp-like distortion that is never flat or muddy.

The P&M-British Tone can add some serious fire to your sound! The P&M-British Tone can be used as a great guitar preamp or as a full guitar amplifier taking advantage of the built-in speaker emulation.


  • Drive – Adds more distortion drive.
  • Bass – Adds less or more low frequencies.
  • Middle – Adds less or more middle frequencies.
  • Treble – Adds less or more high frequencies.
  • Selector BTN – Off (bypassed), Off Axis mic or On Axis mic for speaker emulation.
  • In – Controls the input level of the plug-in.
  • Out – Controls the output level of the plug-in.

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