Acousticsamples AS Drums Collection on ‘Drum Month’ promo


The AS Drums Collection, on sale at 30% off for Drum Month! A huge bundle containing 4 extremely realistic Acoustisamples Drums instruments: StarDrums, DrumTasteJazz, DrumTasteBrush and SmallDrumKits.

Get AS Drums Collection for only $109 (List $159)

About Acousticsamples AS Drums Collection :

Acousticsamples AS Drums Collection has everything you need for hyper-real drum tracks. Considerable care was taken to get the very best recordings possible so these drums will be as authentic and professional sounding as they can be.

Stardrums is two collections in one, Acousticsamples decided to create two different versions when sampling a superb Tama Starclassic Drum Kit. In the first version samples of the Stardrums were not processed by default, so that you can experience the untouched sound of this classic kit that is at the heart of so many hit recordings. It leaves you the freedom to apply your own processing to the dry sounds.

For those of you who are composing and producing Jazz style tracks, DrumTasteJazz and DrumTasteBrush give you exactly the feel and colour of the exact drum kits usually used in that genre.

The SmallDrumKits are 4 different Drum Kits, each one has two toms, a snare, a ride, a hihat and a bass drum for you to experiment with. On the upper part of the settings panel, you have access to the volume of each element to make the library sound exactly like you want.

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