Acousticsamples DrumTasteBrush on ‘Drum Month’ promo


Need a great drum set played with brushes for your next track? Acousticsamples DrumTasteBrush is one on the best sample libraries of brushed drums you could ever have. During Drum Month is on sale at 30% off.

Get DrumTasteBrush for only $49 (List $69)

About Acousticsamples DrumTasteBrush :

Acousticsamples DrumTasteBrush has everything you need for hyper-real drum tracks. Considerable care was taken to get the very best recordings possible so these drums will be as authentic and professional sounding as they can be.

The DrumTaste Brush is a Brush Kit featuring the following :

  • 22′ Yamaha Stage Custom Bass Drum (3 mic positions, 4 Round Robins, 186 samples)
  • 14′ Snare PEARL M1440 piccolo (3 mic positions, 4 RR, 6 hits: center L, center R, center L stay, center R stay, Rimshot, soft, 1272 samples)
  • Brush samples (3 mic positions, 4 RR, 4 hits: circle attack, circle soft, attack, long, 345 samples)
  • 10′ Hi Tom Yamaha Stage Custom (3 mic positions, 4 RR, hard and soft 363 samples)
  • 14′ Low Tom Yamaha Stage Custom (3 mic positions, 4 RR, 363 samples)
  • 22′ Istanbul turkish Ride (2 mic position, 4RR, 4 hits: 68 samples)
  • 22′ Istanbul Agop ride (2 mic position, 4RR, 56 samples)
  • 13′ Paiste Hihat (3 mic positions, 5 openess levels + choke samples, 4RR, foot pedal samples, 717 samples)

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