AKAI MPC Premier and Standard on ‘Drum Month’ promo


The Legendary MPC is the backbone of Hip Hop Music. The latest 2.4 MPC software version available today is an extension of this legend with tons of added features and capabilities. Now on promo during our ‘Drum Month’.

Get AKAI MPC Premier for only $199 (List $599)

Get AKAI MPC Standard for only $99 (List $249)

About AKAI MPC Premier and Standard 2.4 :

The AKAI MPC (MIDI Production Center) is a series of integrated digital sampling drum machines and MIDI sequencers designed by Roger Linn and produced by AKAI from 1988 onward.

The MPC has had a major influence on the development of electronic and hip hop music, allowing musicians and producers to create elaborate tracks without a studio, and opening the way for new sampling techniques. The first model, the MPC60 was released in December 1988 and retailed for $5,000.

Well today you can buy a full MPC (that does so much more than the original).

MPC Software supports all popular midi controllers and does not require any special hardware to run

MPC Software 2.4 is a cutting-edge production suite, combining 128-track sequencing capability, real-time stretching, clip-launch functionality, advanced MIDI editing capability, and much more. It comes in two versions; MPC 2.4 Standard, and MPC 2.4 Premier containing more samples, effects, and virtual instruments, etc.

Producing music with the legendary MPC “groove” might change the way you think of music production.

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