Chocolate Audio’s Contemporary Vintage Drums on ‘Drum Month’ promo


If you want to have a ‘Vintage’ drum sound for your next project then Contemporary Vintage Drums is the very best source you could wish for. Now available during ‘Drum Month’ at a huge 50% off!

Get Contemporary Vintage Drums for only $64.50 (List $129)

About Chocolate Audio’s Contemporary Vintage Drums :

Contemporary Vintage Drums features 3 full drum kits sampled from:

  • Ludwig “Beatles” tribute kit (drum sticks used)
  • Ludwig “Beatles” tribute kit (brushes used)
  • 1977 Gretsch Concert Rock kit (drum sticks used)

All of these kits come with 3 sets of cymbals sampled from a Zildjian A series set (stick and brush) and and UFIP set (stick) and 2 additional Ride Cymbals (Turkish and UFIP) and 7 additional snares (Ludwig, Gretsch, Pearl and Tama).

These kits have set the standard for classic drum sounds due to the large number of classic hits from the mid sixties and until the beginning of the eighties that were recorded using them.

The production concept gives users access to these classic kits, but with a more modern approach to sound production and mic choice. This approach guarantees fresh new sounds can be created with these ‘classic’ drum kits.

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