Mastering the Mix’s IGNITE is on promo at 50% off


IGNITE, the harmonic distortion module from their ANIMATE series is on sale at half price for a limited time. This plug-in will add extra presence and character to your tracks without any compromise to the quality of your recordings.

Get Mastering The Mix IGNITE for Only $10.99 Here !

About IGNITE :

Whatever genre you produce, your music should be full of character. One of the most musical ways to inject character and tone into your mixes is by using harmonic distortion. IGNITE is a no-compromise, high-quality, frequency-specific harmonic distortion plugin that allows you to dial in a rich effect in a dynamic way (like a dynamic EQ).

IGNITE can increase the perceived loudness, power and presence of a channel without the pumping effects of a compressor with mid-side precision.

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