Nomad Factory’s Blue Tubes Compressor CP2S on promo during “Dynamics Crunch Month”


The Blue Tubes Compressor CP2S has the best sounding emulations of the warm sound qualities of classic dynamic analog hardware all in one pack. Now on sale during “Dynamics Crunch Month” at 75% off the list price.

Get the Blue Tubes Compressor CP2S here for only $19!(List $89)

About the Blue Tubes Compressor CP2S :

The BT Compressor CP2S emulates analog tube compressors in terms of looks, functions and sound including RMS and Peak compressions. The warm analog sound of the BT Compressor CP2S is something you need to hear for yourself.


  • Threshold and Ratio compression controls.
  • Variable Attack and Release times.
  • RMS and PEAK switch control.
  • Ouput level (Makeup Gain) control.
  • Full Automation for all parameters PC and Mac OS X
  • Easy-to-use vintage interface with gain reduction VU Meter.

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