Audified RZ062 EQ and STA PREAMP Promo Specials – Last Days !

Audified Promo May 2019

Last days sales on Audified’s RZ062 EQ and STA PREAMP, on promo until tomorrow May 10th at great prices with more than 60% off! Check ‘em out…

Get RZ062 at just $69 Here !

RZ062, 2 EQ plug-ins in a bundle. Precise valve circuit models Left/Right and Mid/Side Controls and transformation Calibration. Input and output level control, Auto output parameter (link). The Smoothest EQ sound available.

Get STA Preamp at just $15 Here !

STA (Summing Tube Amplifier) uses two signal paths, one is processed by modulation or spectral change and the other is not processed. These two signals are mixed on a vacuum tube. That gives “ordinary” effects like Flanger or Phaser, really unique and warm character.

The valve saturation colour depends on the Mode selection. Changing the type of the tube circuit, affects the tube working point and frequency response.

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