Flux:: Ircam Trax v3 Bundle on Promo !

Flux Ircam Trax v3 May 2019 Promo

Our friends at FLUX:: are running a promo on their amazing Ircam Trax V3 Bundle at only $249 (list $399), from today, through June 3, 2019.

Get Flux:: Ircam Trax V3 Bundle at just $249 Here !

Ircam Trax V3 includes three ingenious processors :

TRAX Transformer V3 based on an augmented phase vocoder technology and a cutting edge transformation algorithm.

TRAX Cross Synthesis V3 which uses a phase vocoder (the amplitude and the frequency/phase spectra), to morph the spectral characteristics of two sounds, and…

TRAX Source Filter V3 based on a signal model decomposing the signal into a time envelope allowing transformations that extend well beyond the more common source filter morphing effect.

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