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Kilohearts Promo April 2019

Kilohearts are offering 50% off on select Haas, Phaser, Resonator, and Reverb plug-ins until May 8th! Pick them up now at great prices from the store below…

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A simple but powerful reverb

Reverbs, simulating the millions of tiny echoes that naturally bounce off the walls in a room, have become an central part in glueing together sounds in a song. There are likely few tracks today that don’t contain reverb in any form.

Let your preferred frequency resonate

Found a frequency that you really really like? Want it to hang in there for just a little bit longer? Let it ring in the new year with Resonator.

Specific frequency harmonics in the input sound are enhanced and propagated, giving you fine control over the sustain of a tone.

Spice up with phaser sweeps

Beam me up, Scotty! No matter if you set the knob to stun or kill, Phaser can spice up your life with twirly frequency sweeps.

Use the Haas effect to add stereo width to your tracks

Panning sound is key in mixing and sound placement, but amplitude is only part of how humans determine the direction of sound. The Haas effect targets another mechanism that detects small differences in time between left and right to position sound.

Bottom line, it brings stereo width to sounds where there previously was none. Simple as that.

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