Plug & Mix OB-LA-WAH on promo


OB-LA-WAH is on promo at 50% off for a limited period.

About Plug & Mix’s OB-LA-WAH :

Don’t have a wah-wah pedal in the cupboard? Don’t worry, OB-LA-WAH will step in and provide the “vintage” sounds you need with all the possibilities that full automation gives you.

The result is a funky and psychedelic effect that sounds great on guitars and keys. Use this colorful effect to modulate any sound source and make your tracks sing.

Take a look at the great Video below from our friends at Homestudiolivre TV to hear how an OB-LA-WAH can make a funky bass line sound even funkier…

Check out the OB-LA-WAH from manufacturer Plug & Mix and create some funky tunes yourselves. It’s included along with 49 other easy to use and great sounding plug-ins in the VIP Bundle, on sale for only $89 (save $160 off MSRP) exclusively at the Plug & Mix site to celebrate their 5 year anniversary.

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