Melda’s 50% Eternal Madness Sale Continues…


MMultiAnalyzer, MDrumEnhancer, MGranularMB and MXXXCore are now on sale at 50% off !

About the Melda Production Plug-ins on Promo :

MMultiAnalyzer: MMultiAnalyzer is a unique multitrack analyzer and sonogram, which looks inside your audio material and reveals problems and frequency collisions quickly, easily, and with astonishing accuracy.

MDrumEnhancer: MDrumEnhancer is a unique tool that follows your drum track and synthesizes it’s own signal using samples to make it sound big and phat, without any problems drum replacing suffers from.

MGranularMB: is an extremely versatile granular resynthesizer, which can make your lead sound like a pad, make your drums more powerful plus much more.

MXXXCore: MXXXCore is an modular way to get MXXX, the ultimate effect. It’s cheap and you can buy only those modules you actually want.

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