Kuassa announce their Custom Efektor Bundle !

Kuassa Efektor Custom Bundle

Pick Any 5 Efektor plug-ins and save $$$ with Kuassa’s new Custom Bundle option !

Due to high demand, Kuassa announces their Efektor Custom Bundle. Enabling users to choose any five of Kuassa’s current (and future) Efektor pedal effect software plug-ins at a reduced price.

Gaining lots of attention since their first release in July 2017, until now, the total number of Efektor devices are continually growing.

Efektor devices are the culmination of the latest DSP research made by Kuassa after studying an extensive collection of 100+ electronic schematics of most sought after guitar effect pedals, comparing with the actual hardwares, then grouping them into each categories so each devices can accurately emulate the sound of most of available guitar effect pedals on the market; Distortions, Modulations, Time Based, Dynamic, Filter, Equalization and Room emulations.

This custom bundle allows you to choose any 5 Efector plug-ins from Kuassa after redeeming your serial at the Kuassa website. Take a look at the available plug-ins here !

* The promo ends: November 18th, 2019 at 11PM CET.

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