MIA LABS celebrate 60% Off new products & bundles !


MIA LABS fill out their bundles with the latest plug-ins, and FREE UPGRADES for previous owners !

Great News For Bundle Owners :

Previous owners of MIA bundle products have been upgraded to the new bundles for FREE !

If you’re an owner of the previously named MIALAB or Musiqual Bundles, check your iLok accounts for a new license to activate to your computer, iLok 2/3 key or iLok cloud and have all the great new plug-ins at your disposal in the newly named bundles below…

Simply download the new bundle installers from the MIA Labs website and activate your new license in iLok License Manager.

MIA Complete Bundle :

The MIA Complete Bundle now offers all the excellent plug-ins MIA have previously released, plus the new Super Series collection to add brilliance, low frequency punch and presence to all instruments and mixes in a cost-saving package.

This bundle contains: -

MIA Complete Bundle

Musiqual Super Bundle :

The new Musiqual Super Bundle is the ultimate combination of Class A, Tube and Transistor flavors all-in-one !

The Musiqual Super Bundle includes all three Musiqual EQs: Musiqual BLUE SE, Musiqual GREEN SE and Musiqual RED SE, each with their special character.

What’s more, you get the newly released Super FAT, THIN, and MUSCLE that are also available in the new Super Bundle.

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