Kilohearts update All Products to Version 1.8


New Features, Bug fixes, and Updates for Kilohearts plug-ins with Version 1.8. Available now !

Here’s a short overview of What’s New in Version 1.8…

Snapheap and Multipass as Snapins

You can now load an instance of Snap Heap or Multipass as an effect in any Kilohearts hosts (Phase Plant, Snap Heap or Multipass).

This makes it possible to design very complex nested effects structures as well as essentially allowing you to build your own self-contained multiband, parallel or serial effects chains. All macros in the Snapins are made available for modulation by the host.

New Preset Browsing System

Kilohearts have updated the browser system to be much more of a pleasure to use. They have added search, favorites, multiple user folders and an improved save dialogue. Preset browsing has been updated in all snapins and effects plugins as well as the hosts.

Updates to Phase Plant

Kilohearts has updated sample and wavetable browsing to use the new system, with the same options to search, save and tag favorites. They have improved the LFO editor and added the ability to load and save LFO shapes. The Filter and Distortion generator and effects modules now have better visualization and extra options.

Kilohearts have also added another 80+ factory presets from various artists with more to follow.

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