Blue Cat Audio Hot Tuna, New Axiom v1.4 and Promos !


New Hot Tuna, high precision chromatic tuner from Blue Cat Audio. Plus, Axiom & Axe Pack Promos !

Blue Cat Hot Tuna ($6), Axiom ($149) and Axe Pack ($239) Promos : Available until Feb 25th.

Hot Tuna :

Included in the new Axiom v1.4 and available for separate purchase, Hot Tuna is a very simple yet powerful plug-in: you can freely adjust the amount of dimming, an indispensable feature for live gigs!

The reference frequency can be changed (from 430 to 450 Hz), when non-standard tuning is required. And, most of the processing is performed in the background so that the tuner does not impact the performance of the real time audio engine of the host.

All in all, it is a very simple plug-in that will keep you safely in tune!

Axiom Version 1.4 Update :

  • New “stomp box” look & feel for built-in effects.
  • New built-in effect: Hot Tuna high performance tuner.
  • The tone maps explorer for the amp simulation is now accessible directly from the main user interface.
  • Mac application now fully supports dark mode on Mac OS Mojave and newer.

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