Krotos relaunch Weaponiser with new pricing & udpates


Weaponiser: Your Secret Sound Design Weapon. New Pricing and more content FREE !

Here’s the news from Krotos Audio Sales Manager, David Gardner….

Why are we doing this?

Weaponiser is so much more than just a weapon design program. It is actually an advanced sample layering and performance system with many applications outside of weapon design and we want to showcase its true potential.

What is happening?

We are changing what is included with each version of Weaponiser, adding more value than ever. In addition to their existing sounds, Weaponiser Fully loaded will now come bundled with 5 Weaponiser Libraries worth over $500 and Weaponiser basic will come with a small selection of non weapon samples from each of those libraries.

How much is it?

Weaponsier Fully Loaded
Reduced from $599 to $399, for a two week promotion period (ending May 31st, 12PM GMT).

Weaponiser Basic
Now only $199, permanently! Saving you an extra $200 bucks!!!

What about existing users?

All existing Weaponiser and Sound Design Bundle customers can update their version of Weaponiser to the latest version from the Krotos Audio website.

Watch the video


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