Melda Production’s Eternal Madness Discounts

Melda EMD JAN 25 2021

MTurboReverbLE, MXXX, MTransientMB and MFlangerMB are on promo this week

About the products on sale :

MTurboReverbLE is an edition of the revolutionary algorithmic reverb MTurboReverb at a lower price, without the multiband version and the edit screen.

MXXX is the ultimate effect. It is a modular beast containing all Melda effects in a simple interface with automatic routing matrix, super-versatile modulators and much more. It lets you do everything from simple equalization and compression to the wildest and most creative processing.

When your drums sound boring and sterile, there’s now a cure. Bring some attack to any rhythmic track with MMultiBandTransient!

Flangers are tools with a specific character and are indispensable for guitars, and a wide range of other instruments. MMultiBandFlanger is the top class representative, which will beat every other flanger on the market in terms of both audio quality and features.

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