New sound pack & Platinum Award for Chromaphone 3

AAS Chromaphone 3 Transmutation promo FEB 2021

Chromaphone 3 and all sound packs are on promo

New Transmutation sound pack for AAS Chromaphone 3 :

AAS newcomer Michel Basque presents Transmutation — a 101-preset sound collection for Chromaphone 3. Basque approaches sounds as instruments by themselves with great attention to details, playability, and balance.

Real instruments are evoked with fresh creative twists — crystalline mallets and bells, futuristic neo-classical keys, exotic and hybrid acoustic strings, filmic guitars, and gritty mutant pads abound. From all times and places — exotic, traditional, electronic — this miscellanea balances real and surreal textures with a strong lively quality that captures the prominent essence of Chromaphone 3.

Chromaphone 3 receives Platinum Award from Future Music :

Chromaphone 3 hasn’t had that many updates, but the things that have changed are fully worthwhile. Extra layers, extra sounds, extra effects and extra modulation truly elevate this ‘abject synthesiser’ above the status of mere abject – it’s a versatile, top-quality, real instrument. ” Future Music

Chromaphone 3 (including the upgrades and sound packs bundle) is on promo. Check it out.

Transmutation and all Chromaphone 3 sound packs are on promo at only $19 each.

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